Shower Cabin Ideas

Anyone who has ever had to share a bathroom with other family members while they were growing up is familiar with the fight for shower space or bathroom time as they rushed to prepare themselves for the day’s activities. This ritual of morning competition for prep time has been the cause of many unnecessary arguments and fights that create major frustration for all concerned. When there isn’t enough money or extra space to add on one more bathroom to the home, there seems to be no good solution in sight. That’s why most people just grin and bear with the situation.

Shower Cabins roomThere is, however, an option that most people have never thought about. It might sound strange to you if this is the first time you’ve heard about it, but it is possible to place an additional shower inside one of the larger bedroom in the house, such as the master bedroom. Those old and tired arguments over who gets to go into the bathroom first in the morning and the timetable needed to get everyone will end once you’ve added a shower cabin in a bedroom or other available space.

Many more people will be able to get ready for the day at exactly the same time because the extra shower cabin performs the function of an additional en-suite bathroom. If you are shy, ensuring privacy is not a problem, because options exist for tinted glass doors.

Many people cannot get past the preconceived notion that showers belong in a bathroom instead of in a bedroom. They believe that a shower inside of a bedroom will look strange and stand out in a bad way. In fact, there are many shower cabins specifically designed to be stylish, beautiful while fitting into the decor no matter where they are placed. If space is an issue, consider a small quadrant shower cabin. These units don’t stand out because they can be tucked away in a little used corner of the room.

Shower Cabin IdeasBedrooms are not built and designed with walls that can stand up to water and steam coming out of the shower without getting damaged. There is an effective work-around to this problem. An extractor fan comes with most shower cabins. It will disperse the moisture from the bedroom out through a duct placed in an exterior wall. Instead of having moisture build up inside of your home, you will simply gain a shower and protect the structure of your home.

Secondary showers are more than just a good idea when families are large. They also work well for guest houses and small hotels. This addition to a small rental vacation cabin can even help your bottom line, since you might be able to charge a higher room rate once the shower is installed.

Shower cabins in bedrooms are one way to creatively solve the problem of not having enough showering facilities. You’d be surprised how many places in your home could readily accommodate one of these.

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